Paper storage takes up valuable floor space
Paper storage requires additional personnel
Paper documents are easily misplaced, damaged or destroyed
Paper documents are location-bound
Paper documents require manual data–capturing, leading to duplication and mistakes
Paper documents have to be physically duplicated and distributed to allow parallel processing
Paper documents cannot be auto-integrated into computer applications

It can have an extreme and negative influence on an audit (e.g. SARS)
It can compromise good corporate governance, compliance, and influence stakeholder perceptions
The loss of critical documentation could expose the business to commercial and legal risks
Lost documents could result in dissatisfied clients, or even worse, lost clients
Lost revenue due to missing order or delivery note confirmations
Productivity cost to reconstruct lost documents or to request copies of lost documents




Enhanced productivity
Instant document access any time
Elimination of errors due to incorrect/outdated documents
Multiple-user document access enables parallel information processing
Improved document security and access control

Enhanced customer satisfaction
Faster project turn-around
More accurate information delivery
More user-friendly information delivery

Reduced administration costs
More productive use of floor space
Less time spent finding lost or misfiled documents
Reduced personnel costs
Reduced paper copying and printing costs

Reduced business continuity risks
Off-site back-ups ensure fire; floods or theft don’t disrupt
your business
Compliance with corporate governance legislation
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