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About Us

Hello and welcome to Sable document imaging architechts. At sable we have one goal in mind,your information should be available when an authorised user wants it, in the format they want it in, regardless of the physical location. This process is broken up in a few steps, like illustrated on our famous spider diagram. For starters we need to evaluate your current system. This would be an ongoing process to insure that system requirements stay in place. After evaluation we will need to modify and sometimes improve the current system. When the document identification is completed, we can start to prepare the documents for the scanning process. Sable uses specialised scanners to ensure correct image quality. We adhere to the SABS standards for electronic document authenticity. Sophisticated optical character recognition software makes information usable with out manual data capturing. Advanced image compression algorithms reduce file size for maximised storage space and fast download speeds. After viewing and indexing, the physical and E-docs are stored on or offsite with backup systems in place. Our services include highly effective reporting on your entire workflow management process as well as providing you with Scanning Reports, Index Logging Reports and Variation Reports.

And there you have it, All your information available when ever you want it, in the format you want it in, regardless of the physical location.

Enhanced productivity

  • Instant document access any time
  • Elimination of errors due to incorrect/outdated documents
  • Multiple-user document access enables parallel information processing
  • Improved document security and access control

Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Faster project turn-around
  • More accurate information delivery
  • More user-friendly information delivery

Reduced administration costs

  • More productive use of floor space
  • Less time spent finding lost or misfiled documents
  • Reduced personnel costs
  • Reduced paper copying and printing costs

Reduced business continuity risks

  • Off-site back-ups ensure fire; floods or theft don’t disrupt your business
  • Compliance with corporate governance legislation 
  • Sable technicians are CDIA+ (Certified Document Imaging Architech) accredited, the international authority in document preparation, imaging and indexing best practice.

  • Sable adheres to the SABS standard for electronic document authenticity.

  • Sable is a founding member of the South African Digital Archiving Board (DAB) – an independent organisation that regulates document imaging quality standards.

  • Service Level Agreement ensures that your document archive stays up-to-date and running smoothly.

  • Staff training ensures seamless integration of in-house and outsourced functions.

Sable Spider Image NBG
Complete records management, customised to your unique needs for offsite document and data storage, document imaging and scanning, as well as secure record destruction. Audited and certified against the following standards: 
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ISO 15801:2017 
  • Warehouse facility Certified as a Professional Records and Information Systems Management Privacy + provider – by PRISM International
  • The Automatic Sprinkler Inspection Bureau Full Protection Certificate – for Sprinkler System Installed. The premises which are protected complies with the Fire Protection Standards currently acceptable to Insurance Companies for Full and Compartmentalised Protection, in respect of sprinkler design, spacing and location. 
Even when stored offsite, you still have easy access to all your paperwork. 
Our records management portal provides online management of your boxes and files, including metadata, searching, tracking and processing of service requests.  
Our Warehouse offsite document delivery times are as follows:
Standard delivery – files can be delivered within 24 hours.
With just a few clicks, you can search through your offsite inventory, locate what’s required to satisfy an internal or external request and arrange for it to be quickly scanned or delivered by one of our vetted and trained employees. 
You can free-up valuable real estate and staff by moving boxes and files to our warehouse—without sacrificing visibility to your information assets. And you’ll have rapid access to high-activity files using our File Storage solution.

Your physical records, electronic data, media tapes, vital records and other assets can be safely stored in Empidure’ s highly secure global network of facilities and recovered when needed.

Security, inclusive of construction, perimeter security, entry security, interior security and security planning.

Fire Safety, preventative measures with proven fire-safe construction and dependable water supplies.

Environmental Controls – comprehensive environmental conditions that safeguard your records from the elements.

Climate-controlled storage for materials that require definitive. environmental and relative humidity specifications.

Separate vault storage for film, magnetic and mixed media to prevent cross contamination.

Repurpose real estate and leverage the space to run your business .

Manage information growth and scale on-demand.

Enable recovery – in the event of disaster.

Our Services

Offsite Document Management

  • Scanning or electronic retrieval services 
  • Data Capture & Indexing 
  • Secure Offsite Document Storage 
  • Rapid Document Retrieval 
  • Vault & Confidential Storage 
  • Outsourced Life File Solutions  
  • Document Distribution & Document/Data Destruction & Shredding 


  • Streamline your workflow management process.
  • Business process management (BPM) 
  • Automate back office workflows and reduce your IT burden.
  • Critical business goal solutions 
  • Reporting tools and controls 
  • Reduce operating costs 
  • Document definition
  • Batch definition

Onsite Document Management

  • Initial & Ongoing System Evaluation
  • System Modification and improvement
  • Document preparation, scanning and indexing.
  • Document Filing Solution 
  • Electronic Document Management Software
  • Archival Documentary Filing Systems 

PAIA & PoPI Acts

  • All the public and private bodies are required in terms of sections 14 and 51 of the PAIA Act to compile manuals on how to access their records.
  • It is critical for organisations that process personal information of employees, customers or other juristic persons to implement organisation-wide privacy initiatives in order to comply with the conditions of the PoPI Act.

Contact Us

Monument Arch 9A, 268 Voortrekker Road, Krugersdorp

+27 11 954 0949